3.3.3. Workspace ManagerΒΆ

The WorkspaceManager package is made of 4 different classes :

  • WorkspaceManager
  • DirectorySpace
  • Workspace
  • Scene

The WorkspaceManager class is serving as an interface between the ochestrator and the effective workspaces and scenes.

Internally the three other classes (DirectorySpace, Workspace and Scene) handle the creation, manipulation and destruction of workspaces and scenes. In order to make a DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) code, every feature shared between workspaces and scenes is in the parent class DirectorySpace. You have a simple class diagram of the workspaces and scenes in the figure below :



Normally, the core features of workspaces and scenes were tested many times and are stable. However, during the last two days before the demo, some important features needed to interact with external modules (pictureManager, reconstructionManager, ...) were added without the time to do meticulous testing. Thus it is possible that some bugs occur while manipulating scenes in the application. But we are confident that such bugs might be easily corrected.