2.2. Managing the photo selectionΒΆ

Once photos have been imported in your scene, you will be able to manipulate them. But first, you have to know the different states a photo can have. It can either be:

  • Discarded : you don’t the photo to be in the next reconstruction or the photo was in thumbnail state, but you don’t want to download the real picture from the camera
  • New : the photo had just been imported or the photo was in discarded state, but you changed your mind and you actually want to download it.
  • Processed : the photo has been processed by the reconstruction
  • Rejected : the photo couldn’t be used by the reconstruction processed and was rejected by openMVG
  • Thumbnails : the photo is not the actual photo but just a thumbnail
  • Valid : the photo is either in the state New or Processed (all the files that will be used for the next reconstruction)
  • Reconstruction : the photo is being used for the reconstruction

Note that only photos in New and Processed state will be used for the next reconstruction.

Then, you can do a few things with them :

  • You can manipulate them, sort them in any order you want.
  • You can obviously select several photos by using Ctrl key or you can use the well known Ctrl+Shift key shortcut. Once a photo is selected, you can drag and drop it wherever you want.
  • You can discard a photo, renew it (meaning it won’t be discarded anymore), or you can delete it from the list.
  • You can filter the picture list to display only photos in a specific state.