1. Context and Objectives

The core of this project was to develop a Graphical User Interface gathering a set of existing tools in a simple work flow. It aims at automating and easing a common 3D reconstruction process, used in the cinema industry. The process consists of taking hundred of photos of a large object and feed them to a 3D reconstruction library to get a 3D model of the object. In the context of the European project POPART under which is developed the 3D reconstruction library _OpenMVG_, we are trying to set up a prototype that may be used as a proof-of-concept for the final user work flow.

The major improvement on the application user pipeline over the existing work flow is that the 3D reconstruction can actually be made on-set, while the operator is taking pictures of the scene. Doing so, we avoid losing time by traveling back-and-forth between the scene and the studio, and we allow for a quick feedback on the pictures being taken.