2.5. Map localizationΒΆ

Once you have a workspace and a scene with your pictures, our application extract the GPS data from the exif data in the photos. If a photo doesn’t have exif data, then the GPS default value will be 0.

Then you have two options :

  • If you switch off the map, then you will only see the renderer in the center of the screen once a reconstruction has been done.
  • If you switch on the map, you will see some blue points on a map corresponding to the location where you take your pictures. If you click on a picture in the list, then the map will be centered on the point corresponding to this picture.

Points in the map can have different colors corresponding to their state :

  • Blue : the picture is in state New
  • Green : the picture is in state Processed
  • Red : the picture is either in state Rejected, Discarded or Thumbnail